Founded in 2003, State Street Advisors – formerly CHH Partners LLC – integrates government experience, political involvement, and public policy expertise in a single consulting firm. With offices in Harrisburg and Philadelphia, State Street Advisors is anchored by principals Dick Hayden and Lois Hagarty, both former members of the state House of Representatives, and veteran lobbyist Jeff Sharp. Their combined experience and expertise covers a broad range of policy areas, including health care and insurance, energy and environmental issues, economic development, public sector marketing, and transportation.

An Informed, Insider Approach

At State Street Advisors, we understand the complex – but subtle – decision-making processes across the policy formation spectrum. Our senior-level strategists attack any challenge from multiple dimensions. Where others see insurmountable obstacles, we see over, around and through roadblocks in order to provide clients with creative, complete solutions.

We are not lobbyists who simply serve as couriers of your position. Our partners have worked at policy positions inside state government, and carry the respect and influence that comes with holding those positions. State Street Advisors is also not a partisan firm. We work on both sides of the aisle, and through the years have developed a reputation of being “above the fray.” Our senior strategists bring bipartisan standing to their work, and are thus able to address issues on their merits, without sacrificing any leverage.

State Street Advisors maintains strong, continuing relationships with key executive and legislative branch officials in Harrisburg. As former office holders and appointees, we’ve walked countless miles in the halls of the state Capitol wearing their shoes. We understand the business of government.

Pennsylvania’s Biggest Issues

When an organization has a major issue it needs to bring to state government, it turns to State Street Advisors. We have a reputation for accomplishment on critical issues.

Our experienced team has worked on the Commonwealth’s biggest issues over the past two decades. Our partners have played a leading role in crafting some of the Commonwealth’s most important transportation, health care, environmental and economic policies.

That top-tier experience means we’re working closely with officials at the very top of government, influencing how they shape the policies and legislation that impact the entire state.

Understanding Clients’ Businesses

We find that the maximum value of the client relationship is derived from a clear understanding of the client’s needs. State Street Advisors takes the time to understand the client’s business objectives before developing a government strategy that meets those needs. Our effectiveness is dependent on the cooperative exchange of information throughout the engagement.