Legislative Services

We provide a comprehensive range of legislative services, in addition to traditional lobbying, including the following:

  • Monitoring and tracking of bills
  • Analysis of pending bills and amendments
  • Representation at committee hearings and meetings
  • Proactive involvement in amendment and floor voting process
  • Communications with Governor’s staff on bill content

Regulatory Services

We navigate the complex world of regulatory policy development. We understand that the true cost of government decision making often arises in the details of this phase of the process.

  • Establishing communication channels with the agency policy staff with primary responsibility for regulations
  • Collateral support for regulatory approvals on licensure and other eligibility determinations
  • Constructive interaction with committees charged with jurisdictional oversight

Government Project Management

Business initiatives dependent on government action rarely conform to a one-size fits-all response. Some projects require deft handling of local government and state government relationships. Others present more challenging economic considerations within multiple state agencies. Our collective experience enables us to provide customized advice and shape strategies to achieve our clients’ specific business objectives. We help maximize the value of client resources to improve their chances for success.

Targeted News

State Street Advisors keeps clients in tune with the latest news impacting their organization and/or issue area. From covering agency and legislative committee meetings and public hearings to tracking news coverage trends in area media markets, we give clients the broadest scope of political and policy perspectives, tailored to their specific areas of interest. Clients receive both timely and direct communication from their State Street Advisors representative, and also have news archives available at their fingertips every time they log on to StateStreetPA.com. Password-protected and catered to the needs of each client, our news and information section distinguishes State Street Advisors from our competitors.