A well-known and well-established name in Pennsylvania’s energy and environment sectors, Dick Hayden directs this practice area on behalf of State Street Advisors. This area of business is quickly emerging as a major economic development driver of the state’s economy. Traditional battles have been framed as a debate pitting the defense of the status quo of large industrial operations against government intervention. However, the new public policy debates in Harrisburg have shifted to a broader discussion about environmental improvements that are achievable, and appropriate timetables surrounding those improvements.

Established industries – such as solid waste management, management of industrial waste streams, use and extraction of state natural resources, and energy production – are continually asked to adapt to an ever-changing regulatory and legislative dynamic. Whether a client’s issue concerns promotion of modern solid waste handling technologies, responsibly managing the Marcellus Shale gas resource, or designing the most advantageous market for renewable energy development, State Street Advisors works closely with both established and emerging market share leaders to support that client’s business growth in Pennsylvania.

Services Provided

State Street Advisors provides the following targeted services:

  • Legislative and Regulatory Due Diligence – We provide clients with an assessment of the current law, legislative prospects for change, and the status of key regulations that may impact their business development interests
  • Public Sector Financing Support – We assist clients in identifying eligible state and local public sector specialized grant and loan programs, and support clients from the completion of the application through the awarding and release of funds
  • Lobbying – The firm represents market leaders in solid waste management, environmental services, and alternative energy development fields in their respective legislative matters before the General Assembly and administrative staff
  • Regulatory and Permitting Advocacy – The state Department of Revenue (DOR), Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR), Historical and Museum Commission (PHMC), the multi-state compacts with jurisdiction over water usage, and the Pennsylvania Utility Commission (PUC), all have pivotal roles in shaping broad regulatory packages impacting industry operations. They also are charged with issuing individual permits for specific projects. State Street Advisors has been engaged to assist with the macro regulations as part of an industry work group. In addition, we are often called upon to assist with individual permits.

Representative Engagements

State Street Advisors’ experience includes the following projects:

  • State implementation of the federal Part 503 regulations for state conformity with federal requirements
  • Clarification of Title V permitting exemptions for smaller sources
  • DCNR cooperation on state land right-of-way permits for intermediate natural gas pipelines
  • Interpretation of PUC rules concerning renewable energy credit contracting rights and procurement
  • Resolution of PHMC jurisdiction over wind power development
  • Legislative advocacy for amending the Alternative Energy Portfolio Standards (AEPS) Act