Health care is always in the forefront of issues impacting state government. In addition, health care and insurance are among Pennsylvania’s largest industries: no other state has more people employed in the pharmaceutical/biotech industry, and several major insurance companies are headquartered here. Public health programs annually consume a huge percentage of the state budget and impact thousands of lives. Battles often emerge over issues of access versus affordability, and State Street Advisors has been involved in a number of those debates.

Our client base encompasses a broad spectrum of the health care delivery system, including pharmaceutical manufacturers, biotechnology firms, health insurance plans, health information technology providers, pharmaceutical benefits management systems, and behavioral care physicians. The team at State Street Advisors possesses vast experience in these areas, enabling us to provide clients with unique insight into health care and health insurance issues. We have well-established working relationships with public officials in state health care agencies and are highly knowledgeable in the issues impacting the state Department of Public Welfare (DPW)/Medicaid, PACE, the Department of Health, and the Governor’s Office of Health Care Reform (OHR).

Services Provided

State Street Advisors provides the following targeted services:

  • Legislative and Regulatory Due Diligence – We provide clients with the most up-to-date information and consultation concerning emerging health care issues, along with real time tracking of legislation and key regulatory developments.
  • Lobbying – State Street Advisors has been in the forefront of several major issues in the health care and/or insurance industries. We have worked closely with legislative leaders and administration staff and are viewed as knowledgeable advocates for our health care clients.
  • Regulatory/Agency Matters – Our firm maintains strong relationships within the executive agencies in the health care arena. We have worked very closely on several issues with the Department of Public Welfare (DPW)/Medicaid, PACE, the Department of Health, and the Governor’s Office of Health Care Reform.

Representative Engagements

State Street Advisors’ experience includes the following projects:

  • Annual legislative advocacy on DPW budget initiatives relating to the HealthChoices program
  • Advocacy with Medicaid/Legislature on issues of access to services and prescription medicines
  • Client guidance on issues of health care technology
  • Working to support legislative changes that positively impact behavioral health patient care
  • Assisted client with DPW approval process for placing product on Medicaid Preferred Drug List
  • Navigated DPW regulatory process to ensure the expansion of Shared Living for individuals with intellectual disabilities (ID)